在Lenoir-Rhyne, 学习ing goes beyond what’s taught in the classroom so that you can build the skills, lifelong friendships and resilience to overcome life’s challenges with confidence.

劳氏致力于提供一个包容性的, 安全, healthy and supportive campus environment where you can live, 学习, 努力工作,茁壮成长.

一个生活、学习的好地方 & 成长

Lenoir-Rhyne University isn't just a great place to 学习.

这是一个你将结交终身友谊的地方, pursue interests and have experiences that will shape you into a person who is strong, 善良,可以自信地面对世界.

住宅生活 & 住房


LR提供多种 住宅住房选择 for first-year and upperclassmen housing ranging from apartment-style single rooms and suites for upperclassman to double-occupancy rooms for first-year students.

你也可以选择专门的住房, including residential 学习ing communities — our Global Village, 荣誉住房和第一代住房. Greek housing is available for students to strengthen and grow their fraternity and sorority organizations on campus. 

Alex de Ayguavives

Being able to work so closely with top-notch 教师 members is something that most institutions cannot provide. None of this would’ve been possible without the generous contributions of donors.

Alex de Ayguavives '20金融/数学

健康 & 健康

Two students talking while working out in fitness center

大学是改变、探索和成长的时期. Our health and wellness programs are here to enhance the wellbeing of students by empowering you to make informed, 选择健康的生活方式, become more resilient and help you reach your full potential as a successful member of the campus community.

We follow a wellness-based model and provide services to support the bodies, 学生的思想和情感健康. 作为一名学生, 你有资格使用健康保险, counseling and disability services at no additional cost.

了解健康 & 健康

多样性 & 包容

Student paints Black Lives Matter mural on wall at local art center

作为一所成长中的大学, 全球网赌十大网站鼓励来自各种背景的成员, 谁带着追求卓越的欲望, 完整性, 关心和好奇, 加入全球网赌十大网站的校园大家庭.

全球网赌十大网站鼓励学生, 教师, staff to reach beyond what has always been comfortable and stretch to 学习 about the many cultures and people that surround them.

We strive for a campus climate in which all members are able to freely express their culture and ethnicity.

It is through meaningful interactions with those who do not look like us nor share similar backgrounds, where we as a community are better equipped to understand who we are and ultimately who we can become. 通过重视这些差异和全球网赌十大网站共同拥有的一切, you 学习 how to interact effectively with a wide variety of people, which builds community and prepares you for the working world.

了解多样性 & 包容

领导 & 服务

Group of smiling students working on class project at table

You can enrich your college experience and grow as a leader by getting involved on campus and working to make the university a more engaged, 包容和公平的社区.

一路走来, you can develop valuable leadership skills and experience that you can list on your résumé. 有60多个 学生组织、社区服务机会; 研究, 学术荣誉社团等等, there is no limit to all that is available to you to apply what you 学习 in the classroom to the real world.


视图的领导 & 服务

宗教 & 精神生活

A student looks back at other while talking and smiling in chapel.

Our long history with the Lutheran faith resonates in everything we do at Lenoir-Rhyne.

While rooted in the faith of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 全球网赌十大网站欢迎各种背景和信仰的学生. Our campus community is religiously diverse, bringing traditions and ideals from around the world. Here you will be welcomed and find a home away from home.

了解宗教 & 精神生活



Lenoir-Rhyne is committed to providing a 安全 campus environment for all members of the university.

了解更多关于校园安全的信息, view our security and fire 安全ty report and find resources to help keep you 安全 on- and off-campus.



We are a close-knit campus community ready to help you navigate campus life. Whether you’re seeking essential information in the student handbook, 根据校历计划你的时间表, staying updated on the latest campus news and events or exploring a myriad of university resources.

在LR, 全球网赌十大网站来这里是为了提高你的学生体验, support your academic pursuits and keep you connected with the vibrant pulse of our campus community. 


全球赌博十大网站 & 事件

Six students in graduation regalia stand on the field under a sign reading "Congratulations Class of 2024"

Speakers and members of the Class of 2024 reflected on the challenges of their journey and the fulfillment of lifelong dreams at commencement ceremonies on three campuses.


Lenoir-Rhyne University will honor student-athlete 亚历山大大 with a posthumous degree during the Hickory campus commencement ceremony on Friday, 5月10日.

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